African Tech Entrepreneur

I am eager, dedicated, and determined to change the Narrative of Africa, and contribute to building a better Africa with Ethical and Responsible Artificial Intelligence systems. Join me in my adventure!

Empowering Young African Entrepreneurs

Boost Africa stems from a belief in entrepreneurship and innovation, and that they can play a significant role in accelerating living standards and social.

Impact and motivate young people

Make young people believe they can achieve greatness in their lives and this with nothing less than a deep hunger.

Meet Elnathan Tiokou

A big change starts with a small action.

Elnathan Tiokou is a Ph.D. student in Computer Engineering and a researcher in cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence. His research and Interests focus on Federated Learning, Ethical AI, Privacy, and Bias in Machine Learning. He aims to study, and bring his contribution to the fairness, robustness, and trustworthiness aspect of Machine Learning Systems.

As an African, he believes it’s our fight to eliminate biases, injustices, and prejudices in Machine Learning algorithms.

Besides Artificial Intelligence, he is a Founder and CEO at CHRONEXIS, a tech marketing agency founded in Cameroon, with the mission of using Artificial Intelligence to outstand the Marketing and Communication of African Companies.

In his spare time, he creates content for teenagers, students, and young professionals more specifically in Africa. Daily, he inspires people (on LinkedIn and YouTube) with his stories, experience, and achievements. He considers himself as an experimenter, he likes to try new things and fight for what matters to him.

His mission is to make young people believe they can achieve greatness in their lives and this is with nothing less than a deep hunger.

He is open to opportunities which could include: Partnerships, Fellowships, Mentorships, and many others.

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